Wenn Edith Piaf auf Amy Winehouse trifft und Cro Vanessa Mai begegnet

Ein spannendes Creative-Writing-Projekt haben die jgs-Berufsschulklassen 2FG1 und 2GM1 mit ihrem Englischlehrer Achim Tennigkeit realisiert. Und so lautete die Aufgabe:

Create an imaginative dialogue between two prominent people of your choice without the limits of time and space in an attractive setting!

Thus, for example Edith Piaf and Amy Winehouse could meet with a glass of champagne in their hands on a bench near the Seine in Paris or the Thames in London and talk to each other about things such as music and show business, what it means to be a star etc. or Beethoven and Pink can meet backstage or in a concert hall and talk about the importance of music for the world, extravagance and the meaning of being rich or poor in their lives!

Die Klassen machten sich mit großem Engagement an Konzeption und Umsetzung der Imaginative Talks. So treffen sich die beiden prominenten jgs-Absolventen Cro und Vanessa Mai auf der Straße in Stuttgart-Mitte, erkennen sich und kommen ins Gespräch, Queen-Sänger Freddie Mercury und sein Darsteller im Film, der Schauspieler Rami Malek, lernen sich kennen und haben gleich viel zu besprechen oder die literarischen Figuren Godot aus Becketts Drama „Warten auf Godot“ und Alice aus „Alice im Wunderland“ begegnen einander und führen ein fiktives Gespräch.

Acht Unterrichtsstunden hatten die kreativen Texter Zeit, sich zunächst eine funktionierende Figurenkonstellation und ein geeignetes Setting zu überlegen und dann den englischsprachigen Dialog auszuarbeiten und zur Bewertung anstelle einer Klassenarbeit einzureichen.

Hier ist als Kostprobe der gelungene Dialogtext von Julia Merx:

A Dialogue between Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek

24th October 2018, a cold cozy autumn evening in London. It‘s 7 o’clock and already very dark outside. In front of a cinema in downtown many people come together to get some tickets for the new movie „Bohemian Rhapsody“. Among the guests are various actors and other contributors who were involved in the production of the film. Rami Malek for example, who performed the main character and lead singer Freddie Mercury of the British rock band „Queen“. But the biggest surprise for all present people is that Freddie Mercury himself is also sitting in the VIP lounge, right next to Rami Malek, to watch the movie as well. After a bit of advertising and 134 minutes of Queen’s biographical drama the movie is over and the guests happily leave the building. But Freddie and Rami remain standing for a while in the front of the main exit.

Freddie: “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?“
Rami: „I was asking myself the same question as I saw you for the first time sitting next to me. I didn’t want to disturb during the movie but I have to say it’s such a pleasure to meet you, Freddie!“
Freddie: “Thanks man, I’m also pleased. But I really have no idea what the hell I’m doing here. I mean, I thought I was …“
Rami: “Dead? Yes, actually you are, which makes the situation very strange. But don’t question it. Some miracles don’t need an explanation. Your fans will go crazy!“
Freddie: “Yeah, maybe you’re right. But…“

Freddie is looking around slowly.

Freddie: “… it still remains strange!“
Rami: “Yes, thats true. So what are you thinking about the movie?“
Freddie: “I never thought that there would ever be a movie about me and my band. The hole situation is overwhelming me at this moment. Do you have a cigarette for me?“
Rami: “No, sorry! I’m a non-smoker.“
Freddie: “Are you gay?“

Rami is a bit ashamed.

Rami: “No, I have a wonderful wife. Why you’re asking this?“
Freddie: “Well, I mean you are an attractive young man and I was fallen asleep for over 27 years. So why shoudn‘t we have a little fun together?“

Rami laughs a little uncertain.

Freddie: “No worries, I‘m just kidding!“
Rami: “Oh man, you’re still an excellent entertainer.“
Freddie: “Yeah, the show must go on!“
Rami: “Well, I think you could be my best critic. So I have to ask, how well have I played your role? Your opinion means a lot to me!“
Freddie: “It‘s very difficult to value someone who wants to be like me. Nobody can ever be like me.“
Rami: “So, you didn´t like my performance?“
Freddie: “I haven´t said that. You are an great actor and damn, you can dance!!“
Rami: “Oh, Thank you so much.“
Freddie: “But confidentially, you dentures in the movie is a little bit over the top. My overbite isn’t that extreme!“

Freddie seems a little bit sulky.

Rami: “Hey, it’s one of your trademarks!“
Freddie: “I´ve never liked that trademark.“
Rami: “In addition your fans are loving you the way you are, ‚til today. You’re a legend!“
Freddie: “You’re damn right!“

Freddie starts to sing.

Freddie: “But I tell you just be satisfied and stay right where you are. Keep yourself alive, yeah!“
Rami: “Do you always quote your own songs that much?“
Freddie: “Yes, because I can.“
Rami: “Of course you can. I mean you are the king or should I better say the queen of pop and rock music?“

Freddie is smiling, he looks to the ground and keeps on quietly singing his song while he turns his back to Rami und walks away. His body slowly begins to become one with the cold Londoner night air.

Freddie: “I was told a million times of all the people in my way. How I had to keep on trying and get better every day. But if I crossed a million rivers and I rode a million miles. Then I’d still be where I started. Same as when I started“
Rami: “Please, don’t leave now and stay for a while! I have so many questions left“
Freddie: “Keep youself alive, yeah!“

At the moment when Freddie fully disappears, Rami remains completely confused and alone, still standing next to the exit. He takes a deep breath and asks himself:

„Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?“

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